Fall 2022 Courses & Textbooks

Course Hours Name Faculty Notes
FREN 3501 3 Sustainable Communities in France Christophe Ippolito View Textbooks
FREN 3813 3 FREN StartUp Lab work in Metz Paul Voss View Textbooks Xlisted with COE 2701, CS 2701 & MGT 4803
FREN 4246 3 French and Francophone Film and Media Christophe Ippolito View Textbooks
GTL 2000 1 Seminar Vicki Birchfield View Textbooks FYSA program only - GTID restricted
HTS 2084 3 Technology and Society Tim Stoneman View Textbooks
HTS 2100 3 STMW: Regions of Europe Tim Stoneman View Textbooks
INTA 2030 3 Ethics in International Affairs Vicki Birchfield View Textbooks CS ethics eq to CS 4001
INTA 2221 3 Politics in the EU: Metz as a Gateway for understanding France and Europe today Vicki Birchfield View Textbooks
ISyE 3770 3 Statistics&Applications Damien Rontani View Textbooks
Math 1552 4 Integral Calculus Hyun Jeong Kim View Textbooks Freshman program only
Math 1554 4 Linear Algebra Philippe Bonneau View Textbooks Freshman program only
Math 2551 4 Multivariable Calculus Philippe Bonneau View Textbooks
Math 2552 4 Differential Equations Hyun Jeong Kim View Textbooks
Math 3670 3 Probability and Statistics Alexandre Locquet View Textbooks
ME 3017 3 System Dynamics and Control Thiebaud Richeton View Textbooks
ME 3322 3 Thermodynamics Marc Smith View Textbooks
ME 3340 3 Fluid Mechanics Marc Smith View Textbooks
MGT 3660 3 International Business A. Citrin View Textbooks
MGT 4803 3 Startup lab Paul Voss View Textbooks Xlisted with CS/COE 2701
MSE 2001 3 Principles and Applications of Engineering Materials Youjiang Wang View Textbooks
PHYS 2211 4 Introduction Physics I Michael Schatz View Textbooks
PHYS 2212 4 Introduction Physics II Michael Schatz View Textbooks