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Georgia Tech’s European Campus since 1990

Academics, research, and innovation converge at Georgia Tech-Europe. Georgia Tech’s first international campus is located in Metz, France, less than 90 minutes from Paris by train. The year-round campus offers programs in engineering, the sciences, business, French, and liberal arts for undergraduates from Georgia Tech and other U.S. universities. Students come from around the world to pursue a Master's or PhD in Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering.  

The campus is located in France's dynamic Grand Est region, with all of Europe at its doorstep.


The DNA of Georgia Tech, in France.


Find out how to make Georgia Tech-Europe a part of your curriculum! Undergraduates from Georgia Tech and qualified students from other schools are welcome to apply.


Students from all around the world choose Georgia Tech-Europe for our prestigious graduate engineering programs. Masters, dual-degree masters, and PhD programs available.

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