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Georgia Tech-Europe Statement on the Conflict in Israel - October 17, 2023

The safety and well-being of our students, faculty and staff is of paramount importance to Georgia Tech-Europe.  

In light of recent events, we are implementing guidance provided by and in consultation with the French and American governments to safeguard our campus in Metz for the current semester and looking ahead. We strongly encourage all travelers to adhere to best practices while abroad including staying informed, avoiding protests and demonstrations, following the guidance of local authorities, maintaining a low profile, and keeping emergency contact information readily available. 

Georgia Tech-Europe strives to foster a spirit of community for all our students, faculty and staff to lean into for support whenever needed. The Georgia Tech Police 24/7 Line is available around the clock at (+1) 404-894-2500. We also encourage any of our current students, faculty and staff who are feeling overwhelmed or experiencing stress to make use of the counseling services available through CISI and Christie Campus Health. 


Annual GTE Safety and Security Report

Safety and security reports for the Georgia Tech Main Campus and the Georgia Tech-Europe campus are distributed annually. Notice of the availability of these Safety and Security Reports is sent by October 1 of each year to every member of the Georgia Tech community. These reports can be printed directly from the link below which leads to the Georgia Tech Police webpage.

Georgia Tech Police Webpage with Link to the Georgia Tech-Europe Safety and Security Report

Georgia Tech Police Department Building
Georgia Tech Police Department