There are a number of different graduate programs at Georgia Tech-Europe

Explore the programs offered at GT-Europe.

Semester and Degree Programs at Georgia Tech-Europe

All engineering majors at the masters level may spend a semester at Georgia Tech-Europe. Students must take at least 9 semester hours of courses. Current students in their last semester of study may receive permission to take as few as 6 hours of coursework.

Opportunities for PhD students to spend just one semester at Georgia Tech-Europe are limited. Students must be self-funded.

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BS/MS Program

Joint BS/MS students may complete the masters portion of their program at Georgia Tech-Europe.

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Masters Program

Students have the option of doing a thesis or non-thesis masters in Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering or Mechanical Engineering.

The majority of masters students at Georgia Tech-Europe choose the non-thesis option. For those students interested in doing the thesis option, we recommend reviewing the various research groups on campus and reaching out to professors directly.

There is also the possibility of finding an advisor on the Atlanta campus, and completing one's thesis in Atlanta after spending two semesters on the Lorraine campus.

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Dual-degree Masters program

This innovative program provides students with the opportunity to earn two prestigious degrees - one from Georgia Tech, and one from one of our partner institutions. Students interested in this program do not need to speak French; many of our partner schools offer their programs in English. US and other international students typically will spend their Fall and Spring semesters at GTE completing their MS requirements for Georgia Tech before moving on to the partner institution. Dual-degree students will have the option of completing a masters thesis at the partner institution, or doing an internship.

Students already studying at one of our partner institutions should contact their office of International Relations for more information.

Contact Dr. Bertrand Boussert for information on academics at Georgia Tech-Europe.

Industry-sponsored MS Thesis Program

Students will work on a thesis project sponsored by a company. Over the course of 9 months, students will be teamed with a faculty-researcher to solve a complex R&D issue for the company. In addition to conducting research, students will gain valuable project management skills. In effect, the project will be a 9-month interview for employment with the company! 

Students and their faculty mentor will meet with the client for a kick-off meeting at the start of the project, and at the 6-month point for a check-in and mid-point evaluation. The project and thesis will culminate with a final presentation to the client. The client will subsidize a portion of the student's living expenses for the duration of the project.

Contact Dr. Bertrand Boussert for additional information.

Global Engineering Immersion Program (GEIP)

This program capitalizes on Georgia Tech’s academic presence in Atlanta, Georgia  USA, Metz, France, and Shenzhen, China. Students can complete their masters degree in Computer Science or Electrical & Computer Engineering by studying with Georgia Tech on 3 different continents – North America, Europe, and Asia, earning a master's degree in as little as 12 months.

Contact the GT-Shenzhen office for more information on the Shenzhen, China portion of the program.

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PhD Program

Visit the GT-CNRS UMI website for more information on research areas for PhD students.

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