GT Club de France

The GT Club de France provides a framework for networking for Georgia Tech alumni living and working in France. The association organizes regular events with the goal of growing and maintaining the network through shared experiences in a friendly, relaxed environment.

GT Club de France brings together Georgia Tech alumni living in France along with those who have studied at Georgia Tech-Europe or participated in one of Tech's study abroad programs to France. The events are a great place to make connections if you want to work in France, or for alumni who want to maintain a connection to France.

Join the club to stay in touch with your former classmates or to network with French alumni. All contact information updates will be shared with Georgia Tech-Europe Alumni Affairs, and with the Georgia Tech Alumni Association in Atlanta.

All events will be posted here:

Sep 14
GT Club de France

GT Club de France event

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Apr 21
GT Club de France

GT Club De France Get Together