Summer 2023 Program Costs 

Tuition and all Fees are collected by the Bursar, according to the same due dates as the Atlanta campus.

*Note: Fees calculated based on 10 semester hours for estimate below.


GTE Program Deposit (paid at time of application via the Study Abroad application portal)


GTE Remaining Program Charge (total program charges = $5,600; ie, $500 deposit + $5,100)


Mandatory GT Fees


Tuition (residents of GA) - based on 10 semester hours


$341.93 per SCH x 10

Tuition (out-of-state students) - students pay in-state tuition + $9,685






residents of GA


out-of-state students



Visa costs (for international students, if required)




Extra Insurance Coverage

$1.32/day for each day outside the regular program dates

Textbook/course material

   identical to GT campus

Eurail Pass (2nd class)


Meals (85 days) - lunch is included on class days

varies based on individual

Local Transportation


Weekly Miscellaneous



GT Admission fee


Transcript request


Costs FAQ

Charges Posted to Students’ Account

When will I be billed for the Program charges? And how do I pay?
All fees will be billed to students by the Bursar and can be accessed via the Student Payment Portal:

Tuition is assessed as students register for classes.

The remaining balance of the Program Charges will get posted to students’ accounts within one month of departure.

Payment Deadlines

When are fees due?
Fees are billed and due by the GT Bursar’s deadlines:

Financial Aid Disbursement

Will I have to pay my tuition or program fees before my financial aid is disbursed?
No. The bursar’s deadlines consider the disbursement dates of Financial Aid:

Payment Plan

Is there an option to get on a Payment Plan?
Payment Plans must be set up directly with the Bursar:

The GT Payment Plan allows a student to defer payment for up to 50% of the current term's tuition and mandatory fee charges OR the account balance, whichever is less

Payments plans cannot cover GTE Program Charges
For additional Payment Plan Information, visit the Bursar’s Payment Plan web page directly.

Program Charges Detailed

What do the Program Charges cover?
The largest portion of the Program Charges pay for the Operational Costs of the GTE Campus.

Summarized list of expenses covered by Program Charges:
-Housing (rent, internet, utilities)
-CISI Medical insurance for the program dates
-Some meals (lunch, summer semester only), special receptions (welcome party, etc)
-Special activities, events
-Special services (airport shuttles, CORA weekly shuttle)
-International Student ID Card (ISIC)
-Insurance: Building, dorms, and activities
-Program logistics and operations (building expenses, maintenance, repairs, utilities, security monitoring, equipment, cleaning, supplies, etc.)

Scholarship Questions

Will Hope and Zell Miller and my other scholarships apply to the GTE program?
All scholarship-related questions should be directed to Aaron Gamboa in the Office of Financial aid:

Further Information is available on the Financial Aid website:

Are there scholarships I can apply for?
GTE offers the Challenge Scholarship in the Fall and Spring semesters.

Students may use the OIE Scholarship Search page to find additional support.

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