Admissions & Deadlines

Graduate Admissions Requirements & Deadlines 

Current Georgia Tech-Atlanta engineering masters students (all majors) will need to request a change of campus from their advisor, and should let the GTE office in Atlanta know of their intent to study on the Europe campus by the "Georgia Tech-Europe Decision Deadlines" listed below at the latest.

New students should follow the application deadlines below, which may differ from the deadline found on each schools site.

If you are newly applying, then the key dates for you are the "School Application Deadlines."

Current Georgia Tech-Shenzhen engineering or computer science students wishing to transfer to the Europe campus should follow the instructions listed on the GT-Shenzhen website. Students should begin the process to transfer no less than five months before the transfer date. All approvals must be in place by the Georgia Tech-Europe decision deadline.

Graduate studies offered in Spring and Fall only. 


School Name

School Application Deadlines 

Georgia Tech-Europe Decision Deadlines


School of Mechanical Engineering

March 15 (for Fall)

September 1 (for Spring) 

May 1 (for Fall)

October 1 (for Spring) 

Please disregard application dates on the ME site and follow the dates at left.


NOTES: Dual-degree students should check with Elise Bastien before starting their application to Georgia Tech. Please do not go by the dates above. Ms. Bastien will provide guidance on deadlines and on the process. 

PhD applicants should contact Dr. Bertrand Boussert to discuss the research opportunities at Georgia Tech-Europe, and to learn about application deadlines.

Key Contacts


  • Dr. Bertrand Boussert - key contact for academic questions at all levels, and for PhD students
  • Elise Bastien - applications through partner institutions and all housing matters
  • Corinne Guyot - course registrations and visa process for dual-degree students going to Atlanta


  • Allie Crain - recruiting for Georgia Tech-Europe graduate program
  • Alina Opreanu - logistics and visa process for graduate students going to Georgia Tech-Europe


Cancellation and Deferment Policy: Please contact us if you have been accepted and need to defer or cancel admission to Georgia Tech-Europe.