Spring 2024 Calendar 

January 8 - Dorm Check-in (Monday)

January 9 - Morning: mandatory orientations and GTE building tours for all students (Tuesday)

January 9 - Afternoon: first day of classes after orientations and building tours (Tuesday)

March 1 - 10 - Spring break

March 29 - Bank Holiday (Friday)

April 1 - Easter Holiday (Monday)

April 23 - Last instructional class day (Tuesday)

April 24 - Reading day (Wednesday)

April 25 & 30 - Partial reading days, 8am - 2:40pm; final exams starting in afternoon

April 25, 26, 29, 30, and May 2 - Final exams (afternoon only on April 25th and 30th)

May 1 - Bank Holiday (Wednesday)

May 3 - (Friday) Dorm check-out and shuttle departures (earlier departures must be cleared with Laila Abou-Dahab and cannot be made until the schedule of final exams has been received by students) 

UNDERGRADUATES: Do not purchase your plane tickets until advised to do so by Ms.Bass! There are specific arrival dates and times. Instructions on purchasing plane tickets will be posted on Canvas. 



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